Moondance: Here’s an artful bit that circulated online for a while several years ago. Don’t know who made it.

Ah, the serious moonlight!

Standing on our back porch, Ron took this intriguing shot of a wintry full moon rising.

The eerie mood caught my fancy such that I use it as my online signature photo in various locales, usually with the moniker “Staggerlea.”

“The night was clear and the moon was yellow, and the leaves came tumblin’ down ...”

Our gorgeous new paintings: Three aspects of Billie Holiday, by jazz-inspired painter Wayne Manns, who lives in Bloomington, where he maintains his studio. For more about the artist, see The oils are not framed yet, much less having a wall to hang out on. Once that happens, more photos will follow. Meanwhile, see Riffs, Sept. 3, 2011, and Sept. 5, 2011.