Monkeys of the Moon


Here there be

  1. Recipes — mostly my versions of traditions

  2. Fiction and some haiku, maybe a rant

  3. Art — anything could show up here

  4. Riffs on games and gaming, writing, tinnitus, and whatever

Photos — snap!

  1. Monkeys of the Moon — meet a few of them

  2. Contact Us — please feed the monkeys!

What do we know?

Held tight by gravity against

the surfaces of our lives.

Let go, and go where?

The multiverse is within.

Worlds within worlds,


To know more than that

is hubris. Illusion.

I want to escape gravity

and fly away,

like a monkey of the moon.

Welcome to my
ethereal home. It’s much like my material home: eclectic, contradictory, and parenthetical — personal.

I offer you the same hospitality in both places — recipes here for the foods available in the other, tales you can read (or not) here much like those I would tell you in the other, and photos here whose content you might recognize in the other.

Good web sites are always in motion, as I hope this one will be, with additions, subtractions, and other changes. For now, this will be a constant work in progress because I’m learning as I go. I’m using iWeb, so the design is not entirely original. A handy template for a Mac user to begin with. Maybe too simple, actually, but for now, with novice optimism, I’ll just plug in my own stuff and finesse the template.

However you came to visit me, whatever you seek, I hope you find this tiny little stitch in the vast canvas of information appealing. But be warned: there is little here for the earthbound. It’s a playground for monkeys of the moon.